Parks and Recreation


Remember to attend the annual July 4th Celebration with Fireworks in the City Park. Bigger and better with live music and free food. Come Celebrate with us.

The Coal Run City Park is located adjacent to City Hall in Coal Run.  It is equipped with

walking/running track
picnic shelter
picnic tables
trash receptacles
parking lot

Come by and enjoy the park.
If you are interested in reserving the shelter, please call City Hall with your request for a specific time.

Park Reservation Guidelines

City residents may reserve the park for gatherings and other special activities, such as birthdays.  The following guidelines and rules must be followed.

  • You must call City Hall to reserve and confirm the availability of the park for your event.
  • You are reserving the park for an activity, and during your reserved time the park will be closed for other similar events, however, the park will not be closed to others who may wish to walk or use the playground while your activity is in progress.
  • Please try to limit the reservations to no more than two hours. 
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on park premises. 
  • Maintain close supervision of any children in your group.
  • No motorized vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, or other wheeled devices or equipment that might cause damage to the walking track are allowed.
  • No pets allowed in the park.
  • Please clean up all areas of the park that you use. Place all garbage in the trash cans and if you have large trash items, take them with you.

Call City Hall for further information or questions.

Your suggestions for making our Park even better are welcome. Coal Run’s Commissioner of Parks and Recreation is Marilyn Compton.
Important Info

City Commission Meetings: Second Thursday
of each Month 6 p.m. at City Hall.

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